Selling related Questions

How do I register to sell on sebiji marketplace?

Fill up the form here
Our sebiji team will contact you shortly :)

How does Sebiji marketplace helping me with sales and marketing

  1. We create a personalised and unique portfolio for your business.

  2. We do marketing, monitor orders ,payments and other administrative tasks for you.

  3. We arrange pick up from your farm to deliver to customer upon order confirmation.

  4. We collect feedback and reviews from customer.

Who is suitable to sell on Sebiji Marketplace

Estate owner, Smallholder farmers or even homegrower.
As long as you are producing agriculture products, you are welcome to sell with us.

Are there any listing fees or recurring charges?

Nope, it’s FREE to sell and list your products on Sebiji marketplace.​

  • For sales that Sebiji helps generate through Sebiji Marketplace:

    • 15% commission of the selling price.

Who will be delivering the orders to my customers?

When there's an order, we will arrange a dispatch Services - these couriers will be delivering your products on the same day right after harvesting within Klang valley region.

​Usual collection time -  10am to 2pm, the assigned rider will call you before arrival; riders will proceed to deliver the products to customers before 3pm.

Who will pay for the delivery fee?

Customers will be charged for the delivery fee.

How do I receive the sales payment after delivering the orders?

The sales amount will be recorded for every successful transaction.
We will make payment to you every 1st and 15th of the month

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