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Mr Jagung Merah is Malaysia's first organic red sweet corn farm. Our unique variety of red corn from our farm is sweeter and more nutritious than normal yellow corn.

We are located in Taman Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan (TKPM) Serdang, and is a fully certified myOrganic farm under Jabatan Pertanian.


A regenerative farm that focuses on soil health, plant health, and human health. We are passionate about serving the community through growing a unique range of nutrient-dense foods while giving back to the environment by restoring soil health and biodiversity.

Mr Jagung Merah: About Us
Gideon at farm


Owner and Farmer of Mr jagung merah

We're small local farmers! We are passionate about food, agriculture, sustainability, and botany! We train and employ young locals including Agriculture Science Students, Horticulture Science Students and Agronomists who have a burning passion to improve the agriculture industry in Malaysia. Your support means the world to us!

Red Corn from Mr Jagung Merah 3
Our Red Corn

Sweetest Corn from Permaculture Farm

In Mr Jagung Merah, we accentuate the health benefits of our red sweet corn by growing them using through regenerative agriculture. 
Meaning :
No pesticides!

No chemical fertilisers!
So you can enjoy the pure natural goodness with your loved ones safely while giving back to the environment

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