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Our indoor farm grows the purest greens imaginable,
for you.

We are a people and nature-centric, high tech farming start-up specialising in soil-less indoor farming. 

With the ultimate mission of enriching the lives of people in many aspects and giving back to mother Earth, each of your support to GreenBugs will make a long lasting difference towards sustainability.

Farm location: (SS2,Petaling Jaya)

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Enriching Life

We combine the best possible from what local farms and new technologies could offer so you can enjoy a worry-free eating. Each time when you transact something with GreenBugs, you are contributing together with us towards giving back to mother Earth and the society.


Committed to cleanliness and safety, for you.

One of the biggest differentiation between GreenBugs and other producers is we practice full transparency and traceability in our farming process, accessible from your fingertips at anytime, anywhere.


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