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Food Security In Malaysia

Food Security remains a lingering issue in Malaysia due to the underdevelopment of and unsustainable practices in our country's agriculture industry. Despite having 700,00 hectares of agricultural land, Malaysia remains dependent on importing food such as rice, vegetables and fruits as our own production cannot fulfill the local market's needs. Our reliant on import to maintain food supply has put us in a peculiar situation. Any disruption such as global climate anomalies or risis such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic will results in high food price spike, increasing our basic costs of living.

Mr Jagung Merah is Malaysia's first organic red sweet corn farm. Our unique variety of red corn from our farm is sweeter and more nutritious than normal yellow corn.

We are located in Taman Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan (TKPM) Serdang, and is a fully certified myOrganic farm under Jabatan Pertanian.


A regenerative farm that focuses on soil health, plant health, and human health. We are passionate in serving the community through growing a unique range of nutrient-dense foods while giving back to the environment by restoring soil health and biodiversity.

Why Smallholder Farmer

Our current agricultural sector is dominated by large corporations which control more than 90% of the country's fruit and vegetable production. This has led to malpractice such as monopolistic pricing and overproduction that resulted in a glut of unsold crops being dumped on the market at rock bottom prices. In addition, these companies are known for paying farmers below average wages despite their produce being sold at premium prices. These factors have contributed towards the poor quality of our food products which often contains chemical preservatives or additives to keep them fresh longer.

The government has been trying to improve the situation by supporting farmers by providing them with subsidies for their produce as well as education opportunities through programs like SMART Agriculture for farmers of all ages. However, we need more than just support from the government to improve our agricultural industry; we also need a change in mindset from consumers themselves.


, the future of agriculture in this country lies in the hands of smallholders but they face numerous challenges. They lag behind the big farms in productivity and efficiency and grapple with structural issues — such as tenurial status, lack of R&D innovation, institutional support and infrastructure — and remain largely disconnected from the market information hub

How We Help

​Here in Sebijihub we provide smallholderfarmer a platform, allowing them to have their own website to connect with us with their stories farming business.  We can support them via subscripting to their produces or help them to scale up through our crowdfunding project.