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About Us

Smallholder farmers in Malaysia

Gov and private grants are often comes in low availability & amount. Meanwhile, Low approval rate due to farmers' tenurial insecurity & Income instability, and high-interest rate discourage farmer to acquire loan from Bank for their farming business operation.


Funding Acquisitioin Gap

operate 97% of our food crops farm
(less than 1ha) .

Having their own unique farming method and genuine care of their product quality. Smallholder Farmers in Malaysia are always open to adopting innovation and trying new ideas so we can always enjoy great quality local produce.


However, Smallholder Farmers in Malaysia faced two significant challenges affecting  their farming operation


Market Opportunities Gap

With limited market access and lack of transperancy in supply chain, smallholder farmers in Malaysia often have to rely on distributor and sell their commodities as low as 25% of market rate.

Our Solution

The Sebiji Model

Without capital and market access, daily farming activities become a demanding yet low-profitability task. Resulting in fewer people being interested in the agriculture sector.

This eventually will affect our nation's food security 
which we all had felt the brunt of rising food prices during and after the Covid-19 pande

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